Thursday, 9 March 2017

Thursday: DT Concepts & JJ

Pairs Competition 2017
DT Concepts & JJ

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 -Wildcard

- I like the title page. It gets the job done. I like on the background image how you guys have added your logos to the scoreboard. I was disappointed to see that your Teaser image from last Saturday was the same as your Title Page
- The location page is okay. It meets the minimum requirements, but lacks in creativity and some excitement. This page is the weak point of this presentation.

- The logos are the best part of this presentation. I really like that you've also shown us the Fan Vote, Fan Fair, and Skills Competition logos. I'm not a fan of labeling who did what portion of the presentation. In my opinion it should have been presented as a team effort.

- The jerseys are average. The use of grey instead of white makes the jerseys dreary and dark. Being inspired by the Avalanche's jerseys is a good idea, but I feel that they look to much like Avalanche concepts and not enough like All-Star Game concepts.

- Showing us centre ice and the red line painted with stars is a nice Wildcard Page. I like how you were able to recognize that the NHL makes an effort now to place the league logo either left or right to avoid having a centre ice line run through it.

- Overall, I was expecting more from this group. I would give this a 7.5/10. I was hoping to see 8.5 or higher. Still 7.5 is a good score and DT and JJ put in some good work here.

Okay, I commented on every page now let's hear your thoughts. These teams put a month of work into these presentations and some feedback, both positive and negative, would be extremely welcome!

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  1. Another very solid presentation, this is going to be one tough competition!

    The logos here are probably the best ones seen in the competition to date. Very well designed.

    The idea and the location are alright, not very creative though.

    The jerseys are alright as well, especially the Central and Pacific ones, but I'm not a huge fan of the Metro and Atlantic jerseys. Like Ryan said, the colours seem dreary.

    The background of the presentation makes everything a little messy and hard to look at, but the center ice page at the end is a good touch.

    Overall, a very solid presentation. Great work guys!