Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday: Noah & William / Brooks & Jets96

Pairs Competition 2017

Noah B. & William B.

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard

- The title page is excellent. It has some style and tells us what the presentation is and who made it

- I like all of the information on the location page. My only gripe would be that the picture of the Saddledome used is a bit too generic.

- The logos are good. I like how there are multiple pages with multiple logos and each logo is explained. The biggest drawback is the brown/dark red used for the Skills Shootout. That logo may just look like a brown blob on jerseys and merchandise.

- The jerseys are very good. Again I love the multiple pages for multiple jerseys. I also like the inclusion of each team's rosters. I understand the use of green and yellow for the Young Guns, but I think edge-yer/trendy shades of green and yellow would have been better.

- Showing us the ticket and some merchandise is a great use of the Wildcard page! This is the only presentation to do so. Can't complain about anything there.

- To me, this is the presentation to beat this year. Combine all of the above points with your VIDEO for a teaser and you've got a great presentation. Great job guys!


Brooks F. & Jets96

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard
- The title page looks good and lets us know what we need to know. However I feel that you've given us too much on the title page. I've already seen your logo and I know where your event will be without even going past the title page.

- The Location page gets the job done. I like the addition of thanking the other cities that bid to host this All-Star Game. Based on the look of pages 1,3, and 5. It seems this one is a bit underwhelming.

- I like the logo for this event. I also like the secondary logo shown as the red highlights on the star really make it pop. The wordmark could use some tweaking as it's contained in a very plain box. Let it free and see what it can do.

- I really like all four of the jerseys here. I also like how you have explained that each jersey represents a different era of Jets hockey. Really creative way to make different jerseys for the same event. As with page 2, this page could use a little better presentation to match pages 1,3, and 5.

- The extra logos on the wildcard page are excellent. The All-Star Celebrity Game logo is my favourite. As we have seen with other presentations, extra logos have been included on the Logo Page and the Wildcard page was used for something else. Only the voters can decide if that was a bad choice.

- Overall this is a very good presentation. Both the jerseys and the logos are quite good. Just a couple of presentation notes that I mentioned above would knock this one down a by a half point or so.

Let both of these groups know what you thought of their presentations. They want to hear good and bad comments. And now that we've seen them all, what did you think of this year's crop of entries.

Thanks to everyone who entered this year and good luck!


  1. I wont comment on our own presentation, besides to say Thank You to Ryan for the kind words, and Thank You to Noah for his awesome work on the presentation.

    For the other presentation, I was excited all week to see your presentation and I'm definitely not disappointed.

    The logos are great, I love the alternate logo. The main logo is good, but the shape reminds me of the Rangers logo a little too much.

    The rationale for putting the game in Winnipeg is great. I'd definitely be excited to see it played there.

    At first I really didn't like the mismatching jerseys, but once I figured out the reasoning behind each jersey design and its link to Jets' history, I loved them. Really clever!

    The Skills Competition logo is fantastic! The Celebrity logo is a little too dark, but still pretty solid.

    Overall, very good work guys!

  2. Noah & William: I love this! The primary logo and the uniforms are great, and the wild card page is very creative. If anything, the Skills Comp. logo is a little bland, and the Young Guns jersey could use a little more black. Overall, this is a very well designed concept, nice job guys!

    Brooks and Jets96: I wasn't very surprised when I saw you guys made a concept for Winnipeg :P ...nevertheless, it's still a great concept. My favorite part is the jersey section, taking elements from the Jets history was an excellent idea. The logos are nice too. My only drawback is the celebrity game logo, as William said, it's way too dark and could use a lot more white. It doesn't hurt the concept too much, and this is definitely one of the better presentations so far. Great work!