Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pairs Competition 2016 - TEASERS

Below are the teasers for the upcoming Pairs Competition 2016. Teams of two were asked to create a complete presentation for an new or already existing NHL event. These are their teasers to give you an idea of what's coming and to get you excited about these presentations.

There are two divisions, Intermediate and Advanced. The Intermediate has 3 teams and the Advanced has 4 teams. Each team has their presentation day beside them. Enjoy and good luck to all teams.


Dylan G. & Zeke G. (Tuesday)

Phil B. & Steve M. (Wednesday)

Ben S. & Brooks F. (Thursday)

Jake M. & Josiah B. (Friday)



William B. & Vaughn R. (Tuesday)

J3 & JJ (Wednesday)

Dylan A. & Matt M. (Thursday)

Hayden D. & Robin P. (Friday)

Let these teams know what you think of their teasers. Which teaser has got you really excited for the full presentation? Perhaps there's a teaser here that didn't do the job? These guys worked hard, so let them hear it!


  1. Great job to everyone!

    If I had one thing to say, I'm not quite sure what Ben and Brooks were doing. They basically showed their entire presentation ahead of time. Good luck everyone, excited to see the final presentations!

    1. I guess that's my fault. Those weren't our teasers, I must not have been clear enough to Ryan what the video was for. You'll be able to see what we had in mind on Wednesday.