Monday, 13 July 2015

Counterfeit Jersey Quiz

Lets see how well you can spot a counterfeit jersey.

I believe that most people who purchase a counterfeit jersey are not even aware of what they are buying. They see that the price was better than in the arena or on and they buy. Or even worse, they get scammed and pay $120 for a counterfeit. Then there's a small portion of people who know what they are buying and are doing so because the price point is better. These people generally don't care that they are purchasing illegal goods.

Determine which photos have a counterfeit jersey in them. Provide your answers below in the comments. I'll update this post later with the correct answers.










  1. Photo #2. The statue with the Canadians jersey looks to have a darker shade of blue compared to the blue that is on the man on the left which is the blue that the Canadians use. Photo #4 The yoke is wrong, the width of the stripes on the waist and arms are too wide, wrong style of laces for the tie up (should be round not flat) teh font for the numbers is not correct, hem should have a curve to it but looks straight. photo #5 the collar is not correct. the orange band is too narrow and should be the same size as the white, NHL logo looks off. Photo#8 the logo should be flat and not puffy or bubbly

  2. 2: The man with the red Habs jersey is wearing one because the blue on the jersey is lighter.
    4: Wrong yoke, wrong stripe length, wrong font.
    5: Wrong collar.
    8: Logo is puffy, wrong blue, wrong white.

  3. 1)Looks good
    2)Hard to tell for me, but I think the guy on the left is wearing a fake. I don’t agree with everyone else saying the blue is off but the jersey just doesn’t look right to me
    3)This is an official photo from their unveiling so no
    4)And the exact opposite this one is fake. This is how fake sites usually display their jerseys I seem to notice, along with the actual errors in the jersey
    5)Having (admittingly) once owned (actually trying to sell it on eBay lol) a fake jersey just like this, this one looks fake
    6)With how many people are here I thought I’d see at least one fake but I don’t see any
    7)Only 2 fan jerseys that are visible enough to tell and they both have the hem tags so those aren’t fakes
    8)Puffy logo is the main thing that sets this off as a fake

  4. After looking more into the 2nd picture I now believe I was wrong. It is the gentlemen that has the fake.The shade of blue i thought was more royal but it is more of a navy blue.

  5. 1. Looks fine.
    2. The man's jersey's hem stripe is too big. Statue is legit.
    3. Look's good.
    4. Basically no outline on numbers- fake.
    5. Uneven collar. The Oilers are bad, but not blind.
    6. Tons of people didn't look to much, but all appears to be in order.
    7. Seems good.
    8. Didn't need to look very hard. The logo is way too puffy.