Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day 5 Presentations

Jeff H. & Jeremy R. (Novice)

Justin C. & Mat W. (Advanced)

Ryan H. & Tom V. (Advanced)

Feel free to leave some feedback for these entries!
All presentation posts will be live at 4:30pm Eastern this week (Sunday-Thursday)


  1. On the Houston concept, the logo is a little cartoony, but the word mark looks pretty solid. The colour scheme is pretty cool and unique. The jersey style itself looks awesome, but the logo gets lost in the chest stripe. The striping on the socks is way too high. I love what you did with the specialty jersey, tributing the Aeros, but I'd either add some red to the jersey, or remove red from the text. The billboard is a great final piece, something no one else has done. Overall, good work.

    The Halifax concept could very well take the competition. The colour scheme is excellent, and every logo looks fantastic. The detail involved with the list of season events is really cool, including incorporating another pair's concept. Again, the jersey designs are fantastic, but the logos on the jerseys I'm having issues with. The 3rd is perfect as is, but on the main set, either the logos look too big, or the hem stripe is too thick, and it makes the front look really crowded and busy. The SS jersey is good, and pretty much what you'd expect a SS jersey to look like. The wildcard page doesn't have tons of design, other than putting the logo in center ice, but it is cool to read the details about the Emera Centre. Overall, fantastic!

    Finally, we get arguably the most stacked team in the competition, with a great Seattle concept. The double-green and orange colour scheme is wild, and looks amazing. The logo set is a mix between retro and modern, but it definitely has it's own unique style. The inaugural patch looks as classy and symbolic as it should be. The main set of jerseys looks great, and I really love the arm design. Not sure how much I like the 3rd jersey though. I really like the idea of a Thanksgiving Showdown game, and the jersey definitely fits the bill for it. The last page has a ton of merchandise, including parts for their new AHL affiliate from Las Vegas. Really cool wildcard page, with lots of good designs. Overall, definitely up near the top.

    Absolutely wonderful concepts from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see how the voting goes. Really too close to call for both divisions.

  2. From what I read I think I might be in the minority here. But I feel like even though the stags presentation looks nice, the meat of it isn't great. The logos aren't very NHL or even sports looking. I can see the deer being on a beer bottle not the front of an NHL jersey, and as for the secondary I think it's rather hard to tell it's an "S" if I didn't know it was an "S" it be hard for me to tell.

    I think the Third jerseys is a beauty but the pattern in the sleeves is great in concept but something I don't see actually happening which we saw a lot in this whole comp.

    I'm curious to see how everything pans out. Good work to all