Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 4 Presentations

Andrew W. & Matthew W. (Novice)

Eric W. & Tristan M. (Advanced)

Feel free to leave some feedback for these entries!
All presentation posts will be live at 4:30pm Eastern this week (Sunday-Thursday)


  1. I need this Portland concept to be real. Now. As a Portland fan of all sports I would highly welcome this entire look. The colors match that of the Timbers yet are unique. We love our trees. This plays off the popularity of our soccer culture. Unfortunately, Portland teams often play off one another in color schemes so the red black and white should show up at some point in an alternate. Also, a rose would make for a good inaugural season patch or something like that.

    But seriously, I'd wear all those shirts, buy those jerseys, and root for this team (so long as they eventually found a better lineup). Very nice work. Perhaps my favorite so far. But hey, i'm bias.

  2. Another day, another set of comments from me. I just wish there was more feedback from other designers on each concept. Oh well, anyways:

    The Little Rock Diamonds concept isn't that amazing in general, but there are parts of it that are really….(puts sunglasses on) diamonds in the rough. YAAAAAAA!

    Anyways, the logo design itself is pretty good, and the word mark itself is awesome, but combining the two is awful, as they seem to get lost in each other and the word mark gets hard to read. The jerseys are alright, and I really like the specialty jersey adaptation, but the book cover at the end is nothing too exciting.

    Portland Lumberjacks, such an obvious but awesome name to use. The colour palette* looks great, and the logo, although a little sharp and jagged for my liking, also looks pretty cool. The secondary logo and inaugural season logo are okay, but uninteresting, but the word mark looks perfect. The jerseys are very cool and interesting, but I think the green jersey would be better for the main set. While I lose a little interest in this concept from the logos, the specialty jersey and the assortment of extras executed to perfection save the day.

    In general, these are both great concepts for their respective divisions, and could each compete for the competition win.

  3. The Diamonds' cancer awareness jersey is awesome! This is shaping up to be a great contest!

  4. Man oh man I love that Portland fan night jersey! All around great team colours and a solid set!

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