Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 2 Presentations

Jesper W. & Phil B. (Novice)

Aston B. & Brendan F. (Advanced)

Dylan A. & Matt M. (Advanced)


  1. Another strong set of concepts!

    Jesper and Phil's Monarchs concept is pretty interesting. I like how it capitalizes on the Queen City, without naming the team Kings (taken), Queens (embarrassing), or Royals (WHL, kinda lame). The logo's crown reminds me of mountains more than it does a crown, and the jerseys look like a weird mix of vintage and modern that doesn't blend well. The goalie mask is cool though!

    Aston and Brendan's Mountaineers concept is very well put together, and the logo set looks fantastic.Not sure if I like the jerseys' striping patterns much, but the colours look solid, including the grey 3rd. I wish the secondary logo was used on the 3rd, but its use on the specialty jerseys is top notch. The home opener ticket isn't anything to put this concept over the top, but it is still executed well and is a good end to a great concept.

    Dylan and Matt's Sea Lions concept is really awesome. The name is definitely not what I expected out of a Seattle team, but I think it works. The Seahawks colour scheme surprisingly works for the Sea Lions' logos extremely well. The main jersey set is pretty good. Nothing to exciting, but very professional and still interesting with the colour scheme. I'm not really liking the 3rd jersey, but the neon green modern style is certainly original. The SS jersey is pretty much what I would expect for a team like this; and although I'm not a fan of the SS jerseys in general, these still look pretty solid. Where this concept may lose a few votes with the jerseys, it surely wins them back with the beautiful merchandise and arena samples.

    Overall, great concepts from everyone so far, and I can tell this competition is going to be difficult for anyone to win.

  2. I'm really loving Dylan and Matt's Sea Lions presentation. Such a creative name and the logo set came out beautifully. I differ on Will's opinion and LOVE the jerseys. Awesome overall design. I may be bias because that is my favorite color scheme but the jersey and logo combo is excellent. And that third jersey... needless to say, "shut up and take my money!" I also love the merchandise and overall presentation. Simply beautiful, great work boys!

  3. I'm really digging this competition! Creativity is going overboard! Props to all of today's concepts for their creative touch. Goalie mask was cool, loved the merch, but I think that the opening night ticket stub was a stroke of genius!

  4. Thanks for the feedback. you are both gentlemen and scholars.

  5. I'm unsure about the Sealions set. It's a good idea and I like that it was kept in the "sea" theme that Seattle loves but Sealions isn't a mascot I'd be crazy about. There's probably another marine theme that could work. This isn't bad though. The Seahawks colors work (though I think I'd want a more modern look). work as an accent color (the blue looks great) but I think the classic.

    The Portland concept is cool. I like the logos but the colors don't make sense for Portland. The people here have grown attached to red, white, and black. These show up in the TrailBlazers, Winterhawks, and Timbers/Thorns. If you don't go to those colors it's got to be a green theme or something around the Portland flag otherwise the culture would have difficulty embracing it. Right now it feels like the failed Kings theme is being sent to Portland. Outside of that, the jersey's look good, especially the Specialty jersey. I want that thing right now. I'd even switch the main logo and the secondary because I like that jersey so much. Overall, I actually dig this a lot.The style is classic but not boring. Change the color and Portland would be all over it I think!