Sunday, 9 March 2014

Day 1 Presentations

Alex O. & Jets96 (Division 2)

Andrew G. & J3 (Division 1)

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  1. Alright, I guess I'll comment first.

    Both look great, and any criticism is just for sparking the voting debate (I'll try to comment everyday on each concept.

    The Milwaukee concept looks fantastic. Personally, as much as I like vintage white (as you may soon see...spoiler alert...), I think proper white would look better for the colour scheme. But the jerseys, and the zamboni design, are really cool.

    The Hartford concept is really nice as well. I'm not sure if the logos have enough "wow-factor" to win over some votes, but the jerseys are really nice, and there is a strong patriotic theme kept throughout the concept that works perfect for the area.

    Strong start, excited to see more, and to hear other opinions.

  2. Hartford teaser didn't do Anything for me, So far looking pretty solid

  3. I would also like to clear up my critiquing. It's what we love here, just my two cents.

    I find myself agreeing with most of what Will has already said.
    I like the use of the vintage/off white in almost everything in the package, but for some reason it just doesn't seem to work with the H/A jersey set. On the other hand, the jersey design looks solid. Overall a great package by Alex & Jets... Also, the Zamboni design was a great idea for the Wild card!

    Andrew & J3 leave a bit to be desired with the primary. The Inaugural arm patch is a great idea, the design and the secondary logo are great. Unfortunately it seems as though they might have run out of time on the wild card (just my opinion). The inaugural patch with an altered date just seems like a rush job.

    Strong starts indeed, great job guys.

  4. I personally love the Hartford primary logo. Using the straps from a soldier of that era is very clever and unique. Great job.