Monday, 6 March 2017

Monday: Jay & Bradley

Pairs Competition 2017
Jay S. & Bradley D.

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard

My opinion is the title page is bland.
The location page is nothing you couldn't get on Wikipedia.
I like the logo. You could have also included the team logos on this page.
I really like the jerseys. The stars splash on the bottoms are nice.
The idea of the poster is good. It could use a more prominent theme.

Let's hear your opinions below.


  1. Good start to the Pairs Competition right here!

    I really dig the logo. The blue jersey looks nice, not feeling the green one as much though. The poster is a bit simple but still pretty cool. The presentation as a whole is pretty decent. Good work guys!

  2. I'm a fan! I agree that the title page could be a little more interesting, and I don't think the team logos should use gradients, but the rest is great! Also nice to see a Non-NHL concept once in a while. Nice job guys!

  3. I'm also a fan of the jerseys, but I'm not liking the font of the logo or on the presentation.