Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Phil & Steve / J3 & JJ


Phil B. & Steve M.



J3 & JJ


There it is. Day 1 presentations. Every group worked really hard so let them know what you think. What did you like? What didn't you like?
Feedback would really be appreciated.


  1. I really dig both concepts here.

    On Phil & Steve's, the colours are perfect and the uniforms are well designed. While this isn't the most creative idea, since these types of concepts are seen frequently on the blog, the concept itself and the placement/timing of the event are well executed. Well done!

    On J3/JJ's, this idea for an NHL is awesome! The NHL definitely needs to target Europe more with events like this, and London is a great place to start. Team selection and jerseys are good, logo and presentation are decent. Nice job guys.

  2. I think J3 & JJ are missing a match-up (Toronto v Montreal) in their presentation.

    1. I actually created a matchup for those teams but lost the file somehow and couldn't send it in.

    2. Great job by JJ & J3, loving those Pennsylvania jersey's but I think i'd like to see something a little different for Colorado and Minnesota that makes them unique. I like the composition of your event logo but It seems as though the stadium in the background doesn't stand out enough in the logo (I didn't know it was there until I turned up the brightness on my computer screen.) Very original idea, and the merchandise is a nice touch, Well Done!!

      Phil & Steve's, Brooklyn would be a great choice for the next All-Star Game and I really like the use of the Brooklyn Bridge in all of your event logos and graphics, but I think it could be presented better on your divisional logos by adding a little more detail to the bridge. The jersey's offer an interesting colour matchup as you have the Islanders classic blue/orange but also their new black and uniforms to pull from and they're integrated quite well here. Great Work!