Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pairs Competition Presentation Schedule

Despite the following schedule, EVERY presentation is due by the due date, (Wednesday, March 5, 2014 @ 11:59pm Eastern time). Presentations will be posted here on the HJC Design Blog on your designated day. Presentation order was determined by using a random number generator.

A = Advanced Division
N = Novice Division

Sunday, March 9
Austin E. & Colin M. (A)
Lexi D. & Michael T. (A)
Jets96 & Alex O. (N)

Monday, March 10
Matt M. & Dylan A. (A)
Kaner88 & Bpoe (N)
Phil B. & Jesper W. (N)

Tuesday, March 11
William B. & Chris A. (A)
Jake88 & Caden P. (A)
Stephen S. & Patrick N. (N)

Wednesday, March 12
Eric W. & Tristan M. (A)
Alan H. & Joey F. (N)

Thursday, March 13
Mat W. & Justin C. (A)
Tom V. & Ryan H. (A)
Jeremy & Jeff H. (N)

Friday, March 14
J3 & Andrew G. (A)
Wings98 & Sabres01 (N)

Saturday, March 15
Aston B. & Brendan F. (A)
Andrew W. & Matthew W. (N)

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